Toronto Team Swiftly Repudiates Rob Ford’s Latest ‘Unseemly’ Actions

Toronto Team Swiftly Repudiates Rob Ford’s Latest ‘Unseemly’ Actions

The surreal Rob Ford story took another weird twist on Thursday morning when a Canadian football team was drawn into the saga. The Toronto Argonauts tweeted a statement condemning Toronto’s embattled mayor after his latest bizarre press appearance.

Ford addressed reporters in front of his office, responding to allegations that he had inappropriately berated a former staffer. His statement veered into a crude depiction of oral sex and a reference to his sex life with his wife, however, turning the interview into a spectacle. (Be warned ” the prior link contains video that is NSFW due to Ford’s use of vulgar language.)

Further exacerbating Ford’s through-the-looking glass moment: He arrived at city hall for work wearing a customized “Mayor Ford” jersey of the Toronto Argonauts, a Canadian Football League team. Here’s a photo of the jersey, via Toronto Sun reporter Don Peat:

Mayor Rob Ford in the council chamber with his Argos jersey on #TOpoli

" Don Peat (@reporterdonpeat) November 14, 2013

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Ford’s past several months have become one of the stranger stories of political downfall in recent memory. In May, video emerged that reportedly showed him smoking crack. Allegations of drunk driving, bullying, consorting with criminals, prostitution and other drug use have since followed. Through it all, he’s insisted on keeping his post as mayor.

Ford is also a big football fan, which partially explains his Thursday morning attire. The customized jersey and lewd press conference generated a lot of buzz online, however, forcing the Argonauts communications team to deal with something they couldn’t have foreseen on Wednesday night.

As chatter about Ford and the jersey swelled, the team released this statement on Twitter:

(1/5) Toronto Argonauts Statement: It’s well-known that the Mayor is a big fan and supporter of the game of football.

" Toronto Argonauts (@TorontoArgos) November 14, 2013

(2/5) The Toronto Argonauts organization is not in a position to comment on the manner of dress of public officials.

" Toronto Argonauts (@TorontoArgos) November 14, 2013

(3/5) The situation with respect to the Mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. These latest remarks, while wearing our team’s jersey,

" Toronto Argonauts (@TorontoArgos) November 14, 2013

(4/5) are particularly disappointing given our organization’s work in the community to help youth deal with issues of bullying prevention.

" Toronto Argonauts (@TorontoArgos) November 14, 2013

(5/5) We hope for the benefit of the wonderful citizens of Toronto and this great city that this situation is resolved expeditiously.

" Toronto Argonauts (@TorontoArgos) November 14, 2013

Later Thursday morning, Ford apologized for his “graphic remarks” and said he’s now receiving professional help.

"I wish you to know I"m receiving support from a team of health-care professionals," he told reporters, according to The Globe and Mail. "I am taking accountability and receiving advice from people with expertise. I do not wish to comment on the particulars of this support. I wish you to understand I am accepting responsibility for the challenges I face."

Image: Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images

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  • November 14th, 2013

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Venezuelan is the new Miss Universe

Venezuelan is the new Miss Universe - San Jose Mercury News

MOSCOW — A 25-year-old Venezuelan who appears on TV in her country and is an accomplished flamenco dancer is the new Miss Universe.

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In fact, Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other nation, and beauty pageants rank alongside baseball as the country’s most-followed diversion, one that transcends social class and normally insurmountable political divisions.

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Venezuela has managed to keep its beauty queen industry flourishing, despite economic problems have worsened in recent weeks as inflation touched a two-decade high of 54 percent and shortages of basic goods like toiled paper and milk have worsened.

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To arrest the fall, Maduro last week ordered the military to inspect prices and shut down businesses found to be charging abusive prices. A day after the government seized control of a nationwide chain of appliance stores, doors reopened Saturday to throngs of shoppers seeking to buy TVs, washing machines and refrigerators at a fraction of their listed price.